Work is moving rapidly to create a superb venue with a multitude of choices to eat, drink, and enjoy life.


Stage1 has seen the opening in February of the brewery’s ”Tap” bar – a real snug of a bar nestling to the back of the hotel. Wooden floor, wood burning stove, cosy feel and of course superb ales from the Arran Brewery – on draught includes Clyde Puffer, award winning Arran Blonde and Red Squirrel. The full range of tastes are covered with the bottled range and just in case you are not a beer drinker then the whisky offering is a canny blend from those lovely people at Grouse and features not only the best known brands, but also the Alpha Premium Black Grouse, the served at –18degrees Snow Grouse as well Port asked and Naked Grouse!

The “Tap” will feature new products – mainly locally sourced such as Heather Rose gin and the delicious Cairn o Mhor ciders, punch and fruit wines – tasting of these will be held on a regular basis along with a wee sampling of this and that in between – the events will all be listed on the website plus Facebook and do sign up for RSS to make sure you are one of the first to know.


Stage 2 will see the launch in March of what will be the Coffee Shop with a stunning view of the Loch which will become the home for many a sailor during the summer – launchings from our jetty will be available from March 15th, coincidently the start of the fishing season – licences are required to go in search of the trout, char and even the odd salmon may grace your line! Meanwhile for the less energetic you will be able to sip your pot of tea, green, black or flavoured or of course Cappuccino, Latte or good old filter coffee whilst relaxing in the suntrap of the coffee shop – fresh cakes, buns and other goodies will help you linger over the glorious vista.


Close on the heels of the first two stages the bedrooms in the hotel will start to be available – a comfy bed to relax the traveller whether here for a week or a night and let them enjoy the St Fillans sunset and sunrise. The Neish bar will be come on stream and be offering you yet another place to unwind – decide which of the bottles of ale from all over Scotland to sample [ at the last count it was 55 from 23 breweries!!] or for the thirsty a stein of Hofbrau – soon to be brewed exclusively at our brewery.

With the “Tap” and the “Neish” will come a tempting selection of bar meals nothing fancy, just good quality food ranging from Salmon, a Roast dinner to a Pizza or Panini ; whatever you choose will be real value for money in wonderful surrounding and all served by a team who enjoy what they do.


The fresh paint will be then dried to let us add more bedrooms and the Beer Bistro will become our next offering to tempt the taste buds – this will be a unique opportunity to dine on dishes that all incorporate the delicacies of the brew. Creations that will be new to most people have been designed to create flavours that are succulent, different and provide a menu unlike most people have feasted on before.


The opening of the Loch Earn Brewery itself and top class visitor centre will be in the heat of the summer and whilst you will be able to enjoy the great education on how real brewing takes place you will be able to taste the samples fresh from the cask. Having picked up your great bargains and a few ales to put in your case then comes the time to choose where to eat –

One of the Bars – the Bistro OR the Restaurant! Our restaurant as with the Bistro and Neish bar has the splendid views across the waters of Loch Earn and a menu that is top quality, but different from the run of the mill – Chef will delight you and amuse you with his creativity, especially with his signature dish of which you will not have experienced before!! Fabulous food whatever you choose, service with a smile and an atmosphere to just make you want to stay all night.


So much is happening this year of creation whether it will be the quiz to beat all quizzes – the BBQ and Beer Garden on the edge of the Loch, the entertainment, the Sunday lunch with twist or just the fact that you will be looked after by real people mainly from the local area who love the fact you have come to their home to share it with them. Whatever, whenever – the Loch Earn Brewery & Visitor Centre is looking forward to welcoming you – any questions about anything do just call or email us and naturally Facebook – Blog – Twitter


  • Trevor Garrett August 20, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    I would love to come and visit the brewery but I’m not sure that you are open yet. Please could you help.
    If easier please call 01296 392263.


  • Dawn McLean August 25, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    St Fillans and what was once known as the Drummond Arms Hotel are very special to me and my family. My siblings and I frequently stayed in “Shoe makers cottage” with my Granny and Grandpa, they both worked in the hotel for many years, my Grandpa was the head chef and my Granny worked in the still room. We had amazing adventures there and I will definitely be coming to stay with my family


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